Aree di Attività

  • institutional relations

  • open innovation & corporate venture capital

  • international development

  • ecosystem mapping & qualification

  • entrepreneurship education

  • territorial enhancement

  • communication & events

institutional relations

  • Increase presence and improve positioning towards the institutions and the European market, including joining the European Startup Network (ESN)

  • Facilitate the implementation of appropriate measures to increase venture capital investments from 100 million € to 1 billion € in 3/5 years

  • Coordinate regional regulations on startups

  • Delegate: Pierantonio Macola

open innovation & corporate venture capital

Italia Startup promotes Open and Corporate Venture Capital initiative by:

  • startup scouting and matching services for our companies members, with the cooperation of startup partners (incubators, accelerators, enablers)

  • promoting good practices and role models

  • Delegates: Andrea Monti for Open Innovation and Alvise Biffi for the Industry Advisory Board

In cooperation with Assolombarda, Smau, Cerved and BTO Research we put together a complete study to monitor Open Innovation e Corporate Venture Capital in Italy. To download the ‘Open Innovation and CVC Monitor’ and see the complete upcoming roadshow throughout Italy click here.

international development

  • Take part in international selected events as the “Italian delegation” formed by startups and partners (incubators, investors, enablers, and companies)

  • Consolidate the presence of the Association in the most developed areas of the world

  • Allow foreign investors and companies to know and approach the Italian ecosystem and the best startups

  • Delegate: Marco Villa

ecosystem mapping & qualification

  • Upgrade and qualify the Italian startup database, currently divided into product categories and highlight the most consolidated / promising young innovative companies

  • Support Italian Government (‘Italy Frontiers’ project) in qualifying Italian startups

  • Delegate: David Casalini

entrepreneurship education

  • Map the best practices from public / private schools / courses in order to support startups set up and growth

  • Promote the knowledge and the talents from Universities and Research Center

  • Ease the matching of human resources / skills between companies and startups

  • Delegate: Anna Amati

territorial enhancement

  • Share the best success cases throughout Italy thanks to the collaboration with local partners, in particular with accelerators/incubators

  • Ease the creation of networking initiatives among associates in the same areas

  • Delegate: Layla Pavone

communication & events

  • Promote the startup ecosystem (through website, researches, social media, press releases, etc.) with a focus on startups

  • Spread case histories and innovative role models (industries giving value to other industries)

  • Organize events, conferences and workshops dedicated to the partners and the innovators’ community

  • Daily press review on innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Delegate to the President and Vice-President: Marco Bicocchi Pichi and Antonio Perdichizzi