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Agricolus - Making Precision farming easier! Agricolus makes agTech tools accessible to worldwide farmers and, with Agritrack, to consumers too

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Agricolus s.r.l. wants to support farmers, agronomists and other operators of agricultural world in optimizing agronomic practices, integrating skills and the most up-to-date data collection and analysis technologies. It is based on ten-year international experiences in research, analysis, advice and development of useful applications for agricultural management. The company's technological heart is a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness and forecasts, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management and end to end traceability bringing valuable information to final users. It is on the market and multinational agroholding companies, medium-big farms, association of farmers and government are using it successfully. AGRICOLUS is FIWARE IoT Ready certified. AgriPlug is our OBD device that support the integration of the ecosystem with ISOBUS enabled machineries to exchange logs and send information for precision treatments and operations on crops. AgriTrack traceability system provide documentary evidence about the origin and history of agricultural products and food, to demonstrate products’ safety and the commitment to quality of the producer. To ensure this we propose a new approach: traceability needs to start from the field, and collected data must be blockchain secured.

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FIWARE Accelerators: SpeedUp Europe, Smart AgriFood, Fractals, Horizon 2020 SME

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OLIWES: Olives Warning Enterprise Suite is a cloud application that supports operators against diseases affecting olive groves. Agricolus DSS: Decision Support System collects data by crops and makes available information for: optimize variable rate spreading of fertilizers, phytosanitary and irrigation water using prescription maps; support the choice of soil sampling points using soil data, topography and previous sampling; highlighting critical points in a plot using vegetation vigor maps. These maps are produced from satellite or drone remote sensing.

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The Umbria Region is spreading data based on Oliwes and AgricolusDSS that they are using to gather information and prevent olive diseases through regional media: Main awards and events where it has been showcased: it was selected as one of the three best cases in the GSMA showcase at the Mobile World Congress '16; a dedicated FIWARE Success Story; Agricolus and Libelium (IoT partner) presented during a session in the Sensors Expo (June '16) in San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley); it will be part of a seminar during the International ESRI UC in San Diego (June '16); Agricolus has been chosen to be present at the European Food Venture Forum in Aarhus (Sept '16). Recently Agricolus was selected on short list of 10x10=100 projects to change PA, on the Forum PA Challenge 2017.