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Greenrail is an international company characterized by a great innovative drive, able to catalyze qualified interdisciplinary profiles and research centers, connected to each other and active in the design of technologically advanced solutions.

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Greenrail handles the designing, prototyping, production and testing of its products, with a perspective of innovating the process, favoring the development of new and specific competences, thanks to the collaboration with universities, research centers and a network of authoritative partnerships, which allow an extraordinary opportunity for growth. Greenrail technology permits to produce a railway sleeper made of an inner core in reinforced concrete, and an outer shell obtained from a mix of rubber collected from end-of-life tires and recycled plastics, which poses an important contribution to the circularity concept of Green Economy. Thanks to its particular composition, Greenrail sleeper is able to provide increased standards of security and innovation. In addition, the company has designed smart sleepers, useful in handling challenges such as big data and energy efficiency. Greenrail Solar integrates a photovoltaic panel, allowing to transform the railway infrastructure into photovoltaic field, with a significant capacity of sustainable energy production. Greenrail LinkBox is a Greenrail Solar sleeper, which integrates various types of systems, for the transmission of control and safety data, and for telecommunication. The company, founded as a startup in PoliHub, Innovation Districts & Startup Accelerator of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, has developed important partnerships with entities such as: Politecnico di Milano, Ecopneus (the biggest Italian consortium for collection and disposal of end-of-life tires), Sustainable Development Foundation, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. The speed in incorporating innovation and flexibility are key factors in the development and evolution of Greenrail, today an international example of sustainable industrial development according to the principles of the Circular Economy, whose technology is protected in 80 patent offices worldwide

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